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The name "Value Squared" reflects the founders’ very special interest in the two main definitions of the word value:

1. The monetary worth of something

2. An ideal accepted by some individual or group.


We have the strong belief that, by precisely combining harmoniously those two understandings, the power of businesses can be multiplied (hence squared). 


Our approach contrasts with existing conceptions of businesses where the goal of maximising the monetary worth of a company (or valuation) is often at the expense of moral ethics or values. With Value Squared monetary values and moral values are no longer antinomic, they feed into each other for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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There is a huge gap between hypothetical valuations based on metrics only and real market valuations. 

Still most consultants and analysts focus on creating value that is reflected by metrics only.

What is missing is fundamental in capitalist economies: a company, like a product, is worth what people are willing to pay for it. In other words what determines the valuation of Tesla is not its sales nor its tangible assets but the perception of investors, which is only partially influenced by current sales.  

American companies such as Tesla, Uber, Twitter, Snapchat and many others lead this trend of valuations being well above what metrics imply and greatly benefit from it as it allows them to bring investment in and therefore innovate without diluting their capital.


Value Squared looks at the whole picture of value creation, to integrate all what is necessary to create value above the valuation implied by metrics.


Value Squared’s goal is to bolster values throughout our organisation as well as at its clients. Here are some of our core values. 



Anti fragile


Forward & lateral thinking 





Investigative/ curious 

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Value Squared brings together a dynamic group of companies working together to bring the greatest value to our clients. 

We have carefully selected partners from different specialisms to drive maximum impact. From a globally renowned Fundraiser to a leading search firm, from legal advisers to Venture Capitalists, we connect and collaborate with the best, to bring the best to you. 

Here are some of our key partners. 

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