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Lydik Grynfeltt, Juliette Otterburn Hall and Cedric Torossian are extremely excited to announce that HR Bridge Consulting Ltd, Pollenise Ltd, Pac Conseil and Roote Globalhave entered into a very thrilling business partnership to co-found Value Squared (, a multi-competence consulting boutique.

Clients are startups/scaleups, SMEs as well as large corporations who can apply Value Squared’s totally fresh strategy to their brands to enable them to develop more like startups, ie faster and in a more cost efficient and consumer-centric way.

A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in prime time media, digital and innovation, Juliette Otterburn Hall commented, “By bringing the two most important values together - business and moral value, we help supercharge businesses that matter. Disruptor brands and scaling businesses all have similar essential needs - a requirement to know what is unique about their product/business, a confirmation of market fit, clearly defined core values, purpose and strategy, and of course a compelling narrative which aligns internal and external stakeholders. We’re taking out uncertainty whilst driving meaningful change”.

The new venture is the result of the 3 co-founders' different backgrounds but convergent vision and experiences of dramatically increasing value of brands within large corporations like Unilever and the NHS to start up companies to both consumers and potential investors. The founders have created a unique angle around possibly the most crucial issue in contemporary business development: How can businesses scale faster whilst becoming more socially and environmentally responsible? Can moral values and business value be squared up?

Value Squared’s approach might sound counterintuitive at first - like most groundbreaking innovations. Value Squares does not think the problem of social and environmental responsibility comes from businesses making too much profit, but the opposite - from the fact that they do not make enough profit to treat people (workers and consumers) and the planet well.

Bringing his extensive experience working as a Wall Street Analyst and fundraiser, Cedric Torossian said, “ESG is more than just tackling CO2 emissions. It is an unprecedented opportunity to look at the roots of the problems within organisations, and find out what drives them and to increase their value, both culturally and commercially. We predict that the focus will shift towards the G of ESG within the next 3-5 years - as we cannot be good for the planet without being good for the people. I believe that by reassessing what value means we are enticing a new generation of entrepreneurs to give high return to all stakeholders.”

Most existing business support services look at business development through the lens of sales growth, and in the digital era this means scaling by using digital marketing to boost unit sales, track and hook consumers to foster repeats, whilst generating low margins.

Value Squared, as its name suggests, focuses on value, not only the value or margin generated by a sale but also the value of the business itself, ie what it is worth, its valuation.

There are already great successes that imply such a strategy, especially in the US, but this has not been fully formulated as a comprehensive strategy. Tesla with only 0.8% market share of the car industry has a higher valuation than Volkswagen, Toyota and Renault, which together command 30% market share. First conclusion: Valuations do not reflect sales here, actually valuations reflect what investors think a business is worth… Second conclusion: Without a high valuation Tesla would never have managed to take on the heavy weighted leader of such a concentrated industry, be ahead of innovation and take the lead on low emission cars.

That is why Value Squared focuses on helping clients to create value beyond what sales or market metrics suggest, and that also includes moral values. Values beyond Value is the motto of Value Squared strategy.

At the heart of the “G” of ESG, Lydik Grynfeltt brings with him over 20 years experience driving large HR transformational change. “It is a really exciting time to be disrupting classic consultancy and I am delighted to be joining forces with heavyweights Juliette and Cedric. We are not afraid to challenge current methodologies to drive change and have reflected our fresh approach in the way we offer consultancy “packs” and “sets” - tailor made to suit different sizes of brand and businesses. We are thrilled to already be onboarding some major clients who appreciate our bold ideas and transformational expertise to drive them and the industry forward.”

To help clients drive transformation, the work Value Squared delivers comprises of a range of 6 services, simply served in “Value Packs” which can be selected individually or in consultancy sets.

From “Value Core” which refines and redefines the USP and market fit of a product and organisation to “Value Venture” which revisits the route to market, optimises and manages the best path for successive raises and matches ventures to investors… from “Value Org” which provides the appropriate structure, HR and transformation bricks to increase productivity and value to “Value Assets” which helps brands and business communicate their value to excite the right audience be that consumer, employee, partner or investor.

Online and on premise workshop sessions with the appropriate Value Squared consultants , including partners, are used to achieve the high goals.

From all those organisations that have already benefited from some of the packaged offered by Value Squared the journey is an eye opener.

The feedback on results has been overwhelmingly positive, with:

  • Higher clarity in goals and fewer conflicts

  • A much more coherent strategic vision, easy to communicate internally and to outside stakeholders

  • More cooperation, with a better attitude to competition within and outside the organisation

  • More ambitious approach to sustainability

  • Much higher valuations.

To learn more about Value Square please visit our website or contact us for a free consultation.

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