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Value /ˈvaljuː/

1. the monetary worth of something

2. an ideal accepted by some individual or group

Value Squared is a boutique consultancy that boosts the value of businesses and brands from startups, scaleups, SMEs to corporations. We help companies outperform their market whilst also being ahead in reaching top environmental and social responsibility goals. 

Founded by serial entrepreneurs with totally different backgrounds and skill sets but with the same vision, Value squared conciliate high ethical values and high value performance is the fast growing challenge facing all organisations, from SMEs/startups to big corps. 

Our values are all about focusing on our clients successfully achieving theirs.

We create Value beyond Value.

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Value Squared’s unique approach allows us to speed the value creation process whilst reducing the pressure on businesses and brands. We uniquely reconcile monetary business value with high moral value - bringing the best for profit, people and planet.

We achieve this because of our unique combined experience which enables us to create value beyond what other consultants offer or analysts usually offer. Whilst others tend to focus on boosting sales figures to drive higher valuation which is costly, risky, long and stressful for the organisation - and outdated - our fresh and bold approach looks at the whole picture of value creation, and integrates all that is necessary to create value above the valuation implied by metrics.

We are prepared to challenge and disrupt. Unpacking the essential elements of what makes a business or brand drive competitive advantage, through to providing the structure, culture and motivation needed to drive transformation to drive scale - we support leaders to be successful, whilst building anti-fragile ventures.

If you want to create value for your business - be that fledgling or mature, please check out our Value Services and chat to us about finding the right pack to help you achieve your goals.

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Pick the right size of consultancy that matches your business/brand.


Essential core strategy and support for Start ups and Scale ups. Create collateral to excite investors / partners and consumers.  

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Scalable strategy and support to drive long term value creation. Recommended for SMEs. 


Scale and transform your business through core, process and purpose. Popular with rapidly scaling companies and Corporates. 




your size 

(S, M or XL)


Pick your 

Value Packs 

(Core, Purpose, Org, 

You, Venture, Assets)


Select Origin 


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Our Service Packs contain agile, quality consultancy that promises to create Value beyond Value. 

We have 6 varieties. Value CORE, Value PURPOSE, Value ORG, Value YOU, Value ASSETS and Value VENTURE. 

Each has an ESG and Scale origin - you tell us your ESG goals and how big you want to scale and we will provide the appropriate support.  

Please check Our Service Page for more information about these services and how they can drive change and momentum for your business 

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Get in touch with us to find out how we can help create value for your business or brand. 

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